Plus One Coming Soon!

Plus One Coming Soon!
Plus One Coming Soon!

Thursday, February 16, 2017

Why we are adopting!?!

Because He first loved us....

 Have you ever had a nagging feeling, and it seems like everywhere you turn, and everything you see and hear reminds you of the thing that's nagging you?
Enter Holy Spirit
 My name is Abbey Weems, and I have been married to my husband Steven for 15 years. We have 5 biological children. Luke (13), Emma Grace (11), Lauren (9), Troy (7), and Adalynn (5).  We live in Leeds, Alabama where my husband serves as a senior pastor, and I am a preschool teacher.
We have always said, in a lofty, unspecific way..."We would love to adopt when our kids are older", never talking specifics or gathering information. We were happy in our lives.
Then God stepped in.
Over the past year, it seems like everywhere I turn someone is talking about adoption. We have friends who have adopted. Sister churches have adoption fundraisers. I went to a yard sale that turned out to be a fundraiser for an adoption.
Then last fall we were faced with an immediate need for a baby we knew. Immediately Steven and I said we would offer to adopt the baby. I think our readiness to offer shocked both of us....but nevertheless we offered.  The baby has since been taken in by a family member and will be loved for the rest of his life...which is a happy ending!...but we were disappointed.
How could I be disappointed?  I have 5 beautiful, healthy children. I have a husband who loves me. This baby boy found a home with family that loves him.  How could I desire something else?
The Holy Spirit
 God sent His Son, to save US! Orphans.  We could do nothing on our own to save ourselves, yet he gave us a way. He paid the ultimate price to save us from our humanity, and bring us into His family.  All we have to do is praise Him. Praise Him and tell His story to our community and to the nations.  
Steven and I feel led to open our home to another child. Not by birth. By adoption.
We are commanded to care for widows and orphans and the needy. 
So we have decided to go, and bring one out of her orphan status, to become a Weems
Why China?
 We have been researching, and reading, and going to meetings, and listening to podcasts.
We have prayerfully considered foster-to-adopt, private domestic adoptions, and international adoptions.
After MUCH prayer, and in consideration of our family's current status..we have decided to adopt a daughter from China.  Many of the children in the orphanages are malnourished or have unresolved physical problems. Their only hope of escape is through adoption.  And our hearts, and our children's hearts, are ready to answer that call!
Our Journey Begins
 We have now officially been accepted into the international adoption program through Lifeline Children's Services. We will soon begin our home study which will take about 3 months.  We are excited to get started on this journey, and will need the help of our friends and family. We are asking for our friends and family to come alongside us and support us in several ways.
In PRAYER-Please Pray for our sweet Isabelle. Even though we haven't seen her sweet face yet, we can pray for her. For a hedge of protection around her heart and her body. Pray that the Lord would protect her. Keep her  physically safe.  Let her know God's love, even as an infant.
           Please pray for our sweet family. That God would continue to lead us in the way He would have us go. That our children's hearts would be protected and loved. That our marriage would be strengthened, and that our love for each other would be made stronger.
       Pray for those who will be watching our journey. That we would share the Gospel in this process. That God would be made known, not just to those we know, but to everyone we come in contact with. We are all orphans, and Christ died and rose again to make us part of His family!
In SERVICE-We will be embarking on lots and lots of fundraisers. That will probably need help from our friends and family.
In FINANCING-Y'all, adoption is expensive. An International Adoption from China is approximately $34k. We will be applying for every grant and scholarship we qualify for, but we will be asking for donations. This goes directly into a pure charity account (not directly to us ) We don't like asking for money, but we know God has called us to this, and He will provide the way for us to bring our Isabelle home!

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