Plus One Coming Soon!

Plus One Coming Soon!
Plus One Coming Soon!

Sunday, March 12, 2017

The First Month

The First Month

       Well, we are officially a month into the adoption process!
We are constantly getting confirmation that we are following the path that God wants us to take!
Our children are VERY excited (although I'm sure the newness of the idea will wear off, as the process takes more time!)
  Lauren has rearranged furniture in her room to accomodate a new little sister, and Adalynn is drawing Izzie new pictures every day!
We are currently "In" the homestudy process now. Gathering every officially document we have (and don't have) as well as meeting with our caseworker, Maggie
Tomorrow Maggie comes to the house. She will conduct her second interview with Steven and I, as well as her first interview with the children.
The kids are excited to meet Maggie and talk with her, Mommie and Daddy are exhausted from getting the house ready! (I forgot to mention we are also having a yard sale fundraiser next weekend, and our house is full of STUFF)
Fundraising is going slow but steady. I want everything figured out NOW! While Steven holds fast to his faith that God is bringing our girl home, we just have to obey. I'm relying on and learning from him....   
Our fundraisers so far are a "fill the board with dots by pledging money" fundraiser, as well as a tshirt fundraiser. Our first big fundraiser will be the yard sale this weekend. Our church is AWESOME and is allowing us to use the church property as home base, as well as supporting us with donations. We are praying for great yard sale weather!

This past week Steven and I applied for our passports....little did I know they mailed off our ORIGINAL BIRTH CERTIFICATES! but by the time I realized she wasn't handing them back they were already sent down the chute. She said no worries they would come back...but goodness, we need those! 
Here is a picture of Steven and I getting ready for our passport photos. Let me tell you...those pics are just georgous! 
Please continue to pray with us. Pray for our family, that stresses associated with the process are minimal. Pray for the finances, that God would make a way for us in a way that only He can.  Pray for our children's hearts as they prepare for Izzie, and pray for sweet Isabelle, that she would be protected physically and emotionally, and that our path to her would be smooth.

Much Love

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  1. excited to read more of your process as you go through it. praying for you guys along the way